Betaclean Automotive Surface Preparation

Automotive Surface Preparation

BETACLEAN™ is a premium and state-of-the-art surface preparation. It is a vital part of the automotive adhesive repair process of direct glazing. Other uses include sealing and bonding of body panel repairs and can be used to remove excess uncured adhesives from a variety of automotive finished and unfinished surfaces.

Windshield Replacement

Get exceptional results for windshield replacement with BETAPRIME™, BETACLEAN™, and BETASEAL™.

A must have windshield replacement system.

Also used on windscreens, electric vehicle battery packs, backlites, modular roof systems, sunroof assemblies, mixed material assembly and other glass assemblies.

  • Used by equipment manufacturers worldwide.
  • Use on glass, ceramic and painted products
  • Primerless to paint system
  • Safely cleans surfaces